2022 Flutie 5k for Autism   ○   Team Marc   ○   5k at Lookout Farm

Stacy Greendlinger

October 16, 2022 8:30am - 10:00am

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Join Team Marc & Come Walk or Run the FLUTIE 5k for AUTISM

Sunday, October 16 from 8:30 am to 10 am at the Merino Lookout Farm

Marc loves this tradition of having family and friends gather to participate in this 5k. The encouragement the team provides helps him complete the course with a smile on his face, having a good time.

The Flutie Foundation over the years has given Marc access to summer sports programming and financial support. Whether you can join us for the 5k or not, please consider donating. We invite people to help Team Marc blow past its fundraising goal so that other families can have the comfort of knowing they too can turn to the Flutie Foundation for support and enrichment for their children.

Thank you!

--Team Marc

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My Teammates

  • Donna Tambascio Donna Tambascio $561.50
  • IT Isabelle Tambascio $430.00
  • Stacy Greendlinger Stacy Greendlinger Team Captain $85.00
  • KM Kim McLeod $43.75
  • LR Lucy Rufo $38.50
  • DR Don Reed $36.75
  • CR Caroline Rufo $35.00
  • JR John Rufo $35.00
  • DC Dale Cumberbatch $35.00
  • EC Elizabeth Cumberbatch $35.00
  • MT Marc Tambascio $35.00
  • ST Scott Tambascio $35.00
  • JT John Tambascio $35.00
  • KG Kristine Guan $35.00
  • MM Molly McLeod $35.00
  • RO Ross O'Connor $35.00
  • BM Brian McLeod $35.00
  • SM Sean McLeod $35.00
  • RG Risa Greendlinger $35.00
  • BT Brianna Tambascio $35.00
  • DG Daniel Gourdoukis $35.00
  • BT Barbara Tambascio $35.00
  • AR Alice Rufo $35.00
  • AC Al Cogan $35.00
  • MG Morgan Gredenius $35.00
  • EC Emerson Cumberbatch $15.00
  • DC Danae Cumberbatch $15.00