2022 Walk for Paws

Ruff Riders

May 7, 2022 9:00am - 1:00pm

Loyalty that Runs Deep

As staff members for the BVSPCA, we see firsthand the reality of what some of these companions were facing and how much work goes into placing each companion down the right path. It goes without saying that while our team is small and fierce, we can accomplish so much more for animals in need with the support of our compassionate community. With your help, our collective voices will echo through our communities for the voiceless companions that need our help! Every single dollar counts, so join in and help us rise above the need!

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  • Tina Lord May 2022 $25.00
  • Mendenhall Inn May 2022 $51.97
  • Cindy Lord May 2022 $25.00
  • Emily Smith May 2022
  • Ruth Runzer April 2022 $75.00
  • Julieanan Ferris You’re amazing - so grateful for people like you. You give me faith in humanity and there’s still good out there. Love you. April 2022 $259.87
  • Emily Smith February 2022 $150.00
  • GrayVervain Thank you for all you do:) March 2022 $100.00
  • Ruth Runzer April 2022 $75.00
  • Mendenhall Inn May 2022 $51.97