Donations and Fundraising

Can I send in a donation check? Where do I send it?
Yes! Please print and complete the Bra Dash Donation Form (form found in Resources in your personal fundraising page dashboard) and mail your check to the address below, payable to Wings of Karen. If you are donating in support of a Bra Dash participant, please include the participant’s name.
Wings of Karen
PO Box 288
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Is Wings of Karen a 501(c)3 non-profit institution?

Wing of Karen is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our tax ID number is 45-4577998.
What do I do if a donor gives me cash?

Please print and fill out the Bra Dash Donation Form   (form found in Resources in your personal fundraising page dashboard) and send it to the address below. Be sure to include the name of the participant so the donation can be processed correctly. You may also donate online via credit card in the amount of this donation.

Wings of Karen
PO Box 288
Maple Valley, WA 98038

Is there a template or form fundraising letter I can use for donations?

Yes, we have made it easy for you to communicate your participation and gain support for the Bra Dash! Please download our 5k Bra Dash Personal Fundraising Letter   (form found in Resources in your personal fundraising page dashboard) to start making your mark on breast cancer. Once you have created your personal fundraising page, you can write your story and choose one of the many options provided to share with your contacts. The organization and its mission it shared on each one of your personal fundraising pages as well. 
Is my donation tax deductible? When will I receive a tax receipt?

Online donations are acknowledged immediately via email. Check or cash donations will be acknowledged by mail within 4 weeks of donation once received.  Please keep receipts for your tax purposes.
Where can I make or turn in a donation?

The best way to make a donation is online through your personal fundraising page. Donations can be turned in the day of the race at the Donations Tent. For in-person donations, please include the  Bra Dash Donation Form  (form found in Resources in your personal fundraising page dashboard) to receive credit toward your personal fundraising goal and incentives. Donations can also be mailed year-round to:

Wings of Karen
PO Box 288
Maple Valley, WA 98038

My donation didn’t go through, or isn’t on my webpage. What should I do?

Make sure your donors have the link to your specific fundraising page.  There is a "donate" tab on your page that will allow your donors to easily participate in your personal and team fundraising goals.   When mailing in donations, please provide the donation form with it.  We process donations during normal business hours, so donations made Friday through Sunday may take longer to process. If you have already waited patiently to see if it will display, contact us! We want to make sure all of your hard work and generous donations show up on your page within a reasonable amount of time.  Please encourage your donors to directly donate to you by going to the donate button on your personal page.  
Is my registration fee tax deductible?

Your registration fee is supporting Wings of Karen’s efforts. However, because the “dasher” is receiving event participation in exchange, the fee is not tax deductible. Your registration fee does count in the search for a cure, just not for taxes. All donations are tax deductible, with 100% going directly to research - and we appreciate every dollar you donate!
Are participants required to fundraise? 

No, but it is highly encouraged.  We believe in this research community and the community of participants, so we know you can make this happen! Every adult is highly encouraged to raise a minimum of $100 by race day.  Because of the generosity of our valued sponsors and strong volunteer base to put on a event of this magnitude, we can apply your registration fee to kick-start your fundraising efforts. From there, if you engage a handful of friends/family to join your quest to fund a cure, we will be able to accelerate the promising research projects listed! We encourage and celebrate our young heroes that take the extra step to contribute to our community efforts as well. We also will reward your efforts personally if you go above and beyond. Please see our Fundraisingtab for more information!

How do I get started on my fundraising?

Fundraising should be fun! To kick-start your fundraising efforts, please download our Fundraising Tips or the “Go Team” and “Fundraising" tabs for more information. The first step is completing your participant profile and then telling all your friends and family you are dashing in pursuit of a cure at the 5k Bra Dash. Remember your registration fee already was applied to your total fundraising goal.  Pretty awesome! 

Can I transfer my donations to another team member?

Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer donations to another team once they are assigned. All donations go to the team member and team specified at the time of the donation.
Are there fundraising incentives?

Yes, and great ones! Please see our “Fundraising” tab and see how our sponsors are rewarding those that take the extra step to fund a cure. 
Should I ask my employer if they will match funds?

Yes! We are a part of the Boeing and Microsoft Match programs, so don’t forget to submit to your registration and donations to double your funds to Wings of Karen. Many other employers offer this same terrific benefit. Reference Wings of Karen Tax ID: 45-4577998



Is my registration fee refundable if I’m unable to attend?
Your registration fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.  If you cannot join us on race day, we thank you for your support and contribution!
Can I change from an individual participant to a team?
Yes. In the bottom left of the control panel on your personal fundraising page, you will see an option to join or create a team if you have already signed up as an individual.

Is there a limit on the number of participants for this event?
Unfortunately, there is a cap on the number of local heroes that can fill Lake Wilderness Park. We anticipate this dash selling out quickly, so don’t wait to 
Register and create your teams. 

Is there a limit on the size of my team?
There are no limits to team size. The more we have engaged in the fight the bigger our impact will be!  This is an event to gather our community for.  
Is there a minimum age to run in the race?
There is no minimum, but strollers are not permitted. All ages are welcome- this is a fun and worthy event for all!
Can I cancel a registration?
No, but if you cannot join us on race day, we thank you for your support and contribution!

How do I customize my personal page?
First login in the upper right hand corner, from there your dashboard will appear with options to customize your page including profile pic, goals and customize letters for donors and to request your contacts to join your team.  There are currently default template letters that can be used and pictures that are already set if you just want to share.  You have options, have fun with it.  
How do I set up my team page?
Set up a team page by going to 
Register and then choosing CREATE A TEAM. Here, you can create your team page and your individual fundraising page.

How do I add team members to my team?
People can join your team by going to 
Register and then choosing JOIN A TEAM or by visiting your team page and clicking the JOIN TEAM button. If you have all of their information you can log in to your dashboard and go to MANAGE ACCOUNT. Click the ADD ADDITIONAL REGISTRANT button to add and pay for someone.

Is there a link to share with my family and friends once registered?
When you log in to your dashboard, the link it is displayed. You will also receive a welcome email that includes the link. If you choose to send emails through the system, the default templates also include your team or personal URL depending on if you are sending them from a team or personal page.
Is there an early packet pick-up? Will I get my shirt and bib number?  
Yes. Avoid the early morning lines by picking up your packet early! You can also pick up your Bra Dash t-shirt and bib number at that time. If you are unable to retrieve your packet and race day gear early, you can pick everything up on race day. You are welcome to have a friend or family member pick up your packet for you, please get their permission.  Packet pick-up will be held on Friday, May 20, 2016 from 4-7pm at 
Tahoma Athletic Club  (Maple Valley location)and Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 10am-3:30pm at  Sports Authority (Kent - Meridian location)

Can I pick up my packet on the day of race?
Yes, but we highly recommend early packet pick-up to save time waiting in line. There will be an early packet pick-up in 2 locations where you can collect your bib number and t-shirt (if registered by cut-off date).
Does everyone get a Bra Dash t-shirt with registration?
Register by 5pm on April 30, 2016 to receive your Bra Dash t-shirt... you will want one, so make sure you hit this deadline. Otherwise, there is an option to buy one at early packet pick-up or race day while supplies last.


Am I required to wear a bra over my race day shirt?
Of course not! Wearing a snazzy bra over your race wear is just a fun way to show your spirit for the cause, but we will take you braless if you prefer!
Bra Dash CampaignWhat happens will all those bras?

Undecorated bras will be donated to a fantastic organization - the 
Northwest Center, a non-profit organization that expands the skills, independence and opportunities of children and adults with disabilities.

We also have our Wings of Karen Bra Campaign. Click here for more information.

Our decorated bras will be turned into art, donated, and displayed at local hospitals in our area. Decorated bras are also going to be highlighted in one huge display in the heart of Seattle during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Let your bras do the talking and tell the story of hope and enthusiasm for the cause. They will be seen and enjoyed by many!

Can I decorate my bras with anything?
Pretty much! As this is an all-ages event, please leave anything inappropriate for a family audience at home. No food, candy or perishable items should be included as they can mold and spoil in storage or transit. Everything else is a go... let it shine!
What is the Pink Carpet Bra Walk?
Michelle Millman will call up some of our participants with the best bras to take a walk down the pink carpet. This is your time to strut your stuff!

2 winners will receive a gift!

Do you have a map of the route?

May I bring my dog?
No, please do not bring your furry friends to this event. For the safety and comfort of all of our participants, dogs are not allowed to participate in any of the running or walking events.
My children are registered for the Bra Dash, can I push my youngest in a stroller?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow strollers because there are areas of the course where it is not safe. We welcome the use of a backpack or sling if the little one likes that mode of transport. We apologize for any inconvenience!
Is the race timed? 
All runners will have a timing chip.  There will be a running clock for walkers to see their finishing time. 

Do I have to run all the way? 
Absolutely not! You can walk, run, or do a mixture of both. The key here is to have fun!
Is the course hilly? 
There are a couple of hills, but they are not too bad - just take it easy and you will be fine. 
Is the whole course all on the trail? 
No. Racers and walkers start on grass in the park, then head out onto the road for about a mile and a half. From there, you will run on the trail for just over a half mile, then back on the road for about 800 yards into the park for the finish. There is about 25 yards of single track trail which is lots of fun, but watch your footing.
What do I do after I cross over the finish line?
 You will then have the opportunity to toss your bra at the finish line!


Can I volunteer for the 5k Bra Dash?
Yes, we love our volunteers! Volunteers are the heart of Wings of Karen. Whether you want to volunteer as an individual or as part of a school, group, or team, we would love to find a place for you at our 5k Bra Dash. 

Please contact our amazing volunteer coordinator, Andrea at


Will Survivors be recognized at the event? 
Yes, Yes, and YES!! We dash for you and honor you, this is for you! All survivors will also receive a gift courtesy of Wings of Karen. From one survivor to another - thank you for being a part of it all.  Please feel free to connect at anytime, any hour of the day at I, along with our committe of survivors would be so honored to know you.  With love - Kristi and team
Is there an opportunity to share “why I dash” and who I am dashing for?
Please share - we love to hear the many reasons someone participates in our event. There are many stories of hope, celebrating a loved one, meeting a goal, and gathering friendships that we want to hear. Every story told inspires us and those we are able to share it with. Please send a picture and 250 words or less of “why you dash”. We will share these on our social media pages, our website, and within our bra display during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you for telling your story.
Email us at
Are there awards and incentives?
We love awards! Here is the list of ways you will be recognized:

  • 20/20 Team Captain Incentive:  If your team is one of the FIRST 20 teams to have 20 member. You as the team captain will be rewarded for your amazing efforts.  All team members must be registered for the dash by race day and you (the team captain) will receive a gift card courtesy of The Walking Company for a new pair of shoes from their exclusive line (value of up to $150).  Thank you for your leadership!
  • Top Male and Female Finishers of the dash:  A gift card courtesy of The Walking Company for a new pair of shoes from their exclusive line (value of up to $150).
  • Top male and female finishers in every age division will be recognized: The top male/female finishers in every category will receive a gift card for new insoles (value of up to $50) courtesy of Superfeet.  Oh yeah, your feet will be rewarded! *note top overall male and female finisher receives the above award listed only. 
  • Top Fundraiser:  You will be announced at the dash and given a gift!
  • Our local hero fundraisers:  See “Fundraising” to see how our valued sponsors will give back to those that contribute to funding a cure!
  • Bra Decorator Extraordinaire:  Announced at Race Day - 2 winners will receive a gift! 

Where do I store personal items?
We suggest you leave your personal items locked in a car in the parking lot. Please note that access to your car will be limited during the event, so please plan accordingly.
Are pictures and race results posted online?
Yes, pictures and race results will be posted online following the event. Go to following the event and look for the event tab for a link to both race photos and results.

What is the Mammovan?
We know it can be difficult to find the time to schedule an office exam, so we have made it convenient and brought the 
 Seattle Cancer Care Mammovan to you at the Bra Dash. The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) Mammovan is a customized, mobile breast imaging clinic bringing the latest technology in digital mammograms to you where you live or work. The average appointment time is about 15 minutes. Convenience, state-of-the-art technology and exceptional quality are the reasons why women choose our service. 

Who can you give a BIG hige five to for making this event come together and happen?
Sydney Berry, Stacy Kurtz, Lisa Daley, Lisa Petite, Chris Blair, Kristi Blair, Brenda Utz, Kris Orstad, Claire Kindley, Chito PeBenito, Pam Krassin, Andrea Herman & Stacey Neste.  This is a small but powerful group of volunteers that are willing to go the distance for a brighter future for all of us.  We want to high five you back for joining us! We're in this together. 

Still have questions?
We want to help answer them, please contact us at 5kbradash@gmail and our support team will get back to you shortly.