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Research Projects:

You have the ability to save lives through targeted solutions. We fund the study of all aspects of breast cancer, including, but not limited to, prevention, detection, and real time! This year, we have pre-selected phenomenal research projects that need our funding, and through your action we can help each one of them. The power is in your hands - select one or all four to direct your funds to, then exceed your personal fundraising goal to push these projects to solutions.

  1. Dr. Nora Disis:  Development of cancer vaccines 
  2. Dr. Chris Kemp & Dr. V.K Gadi:  Finding solutions when therapies fail
  3. Dr. Mary-Claire King:  Detection of breast cancer genes
  4. Dr. Andre - Liebre:  Gene engineering for long-term control of breast cancer

*to learn more about these projects please visit the "Research Projects" tab or click here.

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