Wings of Karen 5k Bra Dash

Sweet Caroline!!!!

May 22, 2016 8:00am - 11:30am

We are Dashing with a Purpose!

Working directly with the research community, Wings of Karen gets the most mileage out of every dollar donated.  This is a race save lives, and we are dedicated to finding cures faster. With an absolute sense of urgency, we grant researchers the flexibility and permission to do the needed preliminary work, quickly and efficiently. The faster we fund and nurture these promising early ideas, the faster we will find the answers that will lead us to a cure.

There is passion behind everything we do at Wings of Karen. This passion is shaped not only by the personal battles with breast cancer by the founder of Wings of Karen, but also by the unyielding desire to reach out to all those affected by breast cancer in a positive, uplifting way, and in the process, funding the research that will find a cure.

It is a race to save lives, and every day brings a new opportunity to make a connection, energize a survivor, empower a new generation, and raise the crucial funds needed.

The 5k Bra Dash® is a celebration of what we CAN do as a community to join the fight against breast cancer.

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My mother, Caroline Brown had just retired from working at the YMCA the summer of 2012 and was looking forward to playing with her two grandchildren all summer long.  In August 2012 that lazy summer was cut short.  Caroline was disgnosed with breast cancer and scheduled her surgeries, treatments, etc.  By September we knew it was Triple Negative and by November she was Stage 4 - Metastatic Breast Cancer with lesions on her liver.  She was on Chemo for 15 months and the cancer never slowed down once.  On November 7th 2012 she lost the battle at age 60.  Caroline has been a community leader in Snohomish county for over two decades.  Teaching, Volunteering, Mentoring, Organizing, you name it she did it and my Father Geoffrey Brown as always by her side. 

It was a complete shock that she was even diagnosed and got her mamogram's yearly, followed a healthy life style and after testing BRCA negative we still have no idea where this cancer came from.

Raising money to find a targeted cure for TNBC and all Breast Cancers has been a goal of mine.  We MUST fund research and there is not a better place than the Cancer Care Alliance here in Seattle.

Wings of Karen is a research based Non-Profit that I trust so donating your money to this cause is worth your time. I'm fundraising for the Dr. Disis Breast Cancer Vaccine at UW Medicine's Tumor Vaccine Group.

Join us in memory of Sweet Caroline!!!!  (her fav Neil Diamond song)

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  • LInda Cameron In memory of Caroline Brown. May 2016 $200.00
  • Denice Schwind May 2016 $100.00
  • Marlecia Smallman May 2016 $25.00
  • Amy Yates May 2016 $100.00
  • Nicole Conzatti For Megan! April 2016 $50.00
  • Geoffrey Brown I miss you........... March 2016 $500.00
  • LInda Cameron In memory of Caroline Brown. May 2016 $200.00
  • Denice Schwind May 2016 $100.00
  • Amy Yates May 2016 $100.00
  • Nicole Conzatti For Megan! April 2016 $50.00