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Sandra El-Faki

June 18, 2022 8:00am - 11:59pm

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I am excited to fundraise for my dear friend Rachel this year. She has been here on my MoveIn team in Toronto and also working for MoveIn for 13 years. Her role is "communications" which is mostly spreading vision and inspiration through the newsletters for MoveIn, as well as many other tasks. Her work supports MoveIners as well as reaching those outside MoveIn who are supportive and want to know what is going on and how to pray for the movement. She raises her own support (no salary) for this role. Rachel is most generous and kind when it comes to those around her, she blesses others with her effort, time, and skills. We are lucky to have her on our team and in our family! 


Would you consider giving $25, $100, or $500 to help fund Rachel's ministry on the Vision Team!? 


P.S. As part of the Prayer Journey Rachel is organizing and participating in the Scarborough Prayer Journey this year, as she is a rep for Scarborough and raising funds to support the Mobilization project listed on this website. 

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