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Theresa Kean

June 18, 2022 8:00am - 11:59pm

My Personal Fundraising Page

I am fundraising for my friend Rachel D.

I am happy to be setting up this fundraising page for my friend and neighbour Rachel D. She has been moved in for 13 years and also working for MoveIn the organization for that amount of time. Her role on the MoveIn Vision Team is as Communications Director and she raises her own support for this role (no salary). I am hopeful this page will help encourage people to give to her support. If you do, your donation will be matched (half the matching amount will go to her, and half to MoveIn). Thanks for your conisderation!

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My Supporters

  • Anonymous June 2022 $200.00
  • Patricia Neethi June 2022 $50.00
  • Nigel Paul June 2022 $100.00
  • Anonymous June 2022
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  • Anonymous June 2022 $200.00
  • Nigel Paul June 2022 $100.00
  • Patricia Neethi June 2022 $50.00
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