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Saturday, January 22, 2021 I was told that I had Ovarian Cancer. To say the least, from that moment on my life completely changed. I had not been feeling well for months. I went through 4 months of constant doctor appointments, tests, medications, and home remedies. Was I losing my mind? Was I stressed? Was I wasting my doctor's time? All of these questions I asked myself after every appointment and test came up negative. On January 18, 2021, I had a CT that confirmed Ovarian Cancer. Why did it take so long to find this? Why was I told my symptoms didn’t qualify for various tests that would have detected Ovarian Cancer? Why isn’t there more routine tests? All good questions. We need more awareness of this silent killer. We need more research. I was so grateful the day I finished all my treatments and was told I was now cancer free. More women need to hear these words. On Sunday, Nov 13th, an annual event, Los Angeles Sandy Sprint, will take place to support Ovarian Cancer research. It is sponsored by the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation. The proceeds from this year’s event will support research at UCLA conducted by Dr. Sandra Orsulic, one of the world’s foremost Ovarian Cancer scientists. Working along with Dr. Beth Karlan for close to twenty years, these two outstanding women have discovered answers to many questions about Ovarian Cancer that are helping to save lives today. Thanks to their research we can identify women at the highest risk for the disease and provide preventative interventions, we have biomarkers that help us diagnose disease earlier and guide treatment, and we have personalized therapies that provide additional years of life after diagnosis. I am unable to attend the event this year, however I am participating by asking for donations to be made to my team for such a worthy cause. With your support, many more women and families will benefit from the types of scientific advances that help women like me live longer. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your support, well wishes and prayers for my family and I. The love, support, and kindness from everyone that we have received through all of this has been amazing.





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