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March 20, 2019 - April 17, 2019

Hi. My name is Lauren Elyse. This is my personal fundraising page.

Hola. Soy Lauren Elyse. Esta es mi página personal para recaudar dinero.

Boy howdy, we're hosting a fundraiser!

You know what sucks? Buying wrapping paper and only-okay turtle chocolates for a fundraiser. You know what doesn't suck? Directly donating to the UNO 24-Hour Write-A-Thon. Starting Wednesday, 3/20, we'll be writing for 24 hours in an effort to contriubte to scholarships and funding for programs that, like this fundraiser, similarly do not suck. This basically means that I'm going to be really, really messed up when it comes time to go to my Literature of War class on Thursday morning, and I am only too aware of this. But alas! It's all for an amazing cause!  Your specific donations to my page, in fact, will contribute to UNO as an institution, as well as UNO Press, a university press out of New Orleans dedicated to publishing a wide and rich expanse of works from all genres. They're a pretty cool bunch, UNO Press, and you're a pretty cool person, I reckon, so let's simmer in that for a sec.

They're also my employers, and honestly? I'm a fan. They let me copy edit everything, and I now know an inappropriate amount of information about commas. Support a business that supports an oxford comma, you know?

It's a massive cause, the 24-hour Write-A-Thon, and my friend/coworker/lady mensch Chelsey really manhandled (ladyhandled) this thing into becoming a reality. Any contribution would be lovely and greatly appreciated, and hey, use your left over pennies to buy some decent chocolate, like a Butterfinger or those really underrated cookies and cream Hershey bars. It's just a better quality of chocolate sold at a cheaper price than fundraiser chocolate, you guys. I call it like I see it.





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