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Because We Have Writing to Do

Every day, the University of New Orleans is scribbling, typing, and marking. We’re jotting, scrawling, and drafting. What are we writing? Symphonies, among other things. Like motion offenses. Plays. Spreadsheets. Equations. Novels. We’re writing journal entries, lab reports, manifestos, evaluations, slightly awkward text messages, and magnum opuses. We investigate jazz, deconstruct business plans, and probe quantum constructions—because there are stats to analyze, narratives to piece together, and communities to restore. 

From gravitational fields to Romantic poetry, UNO is writing every day. So let’s keep doing what we do so well, and do it together. It’s called the University of New Orleans Write-A-Thon. And it’s 24 hours of writing, on campus, in support of UNO.

The Write-A-Thon is a campus-wide event that will celebrate the diverse intellectual work that happens every day at our university. Our goal? To amplify UNO’s presence in New Orleans and beyond by boosting our student scholarship fund, as well as the work of our individual departments.

As Write-A-Thoners, UNO community members will unite in seeking donations from our personal networks. Writing across the disciplines will be paired with participant-led workshops, refreshments, and chances to win prizes—not to mention the camaraderie of writing together for a full day and night!

So time to pick up your pens, power on your laptops, and grab some more coffee: we have writing to do.

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FAQ on the Write-A-Thon can be found here.