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Thank you for taking a moment to understand why I'm asking you to support the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

I was stunned when I received my diagnosis in late fall of 2018. With the support of my family, friends, and co-workers, I was lucky to more or less sail through my frontline treatment. It was scary, but guided by good medical providers, there was a path and I knew what I had to do to move forward. Then my chemo ended and I was completely at a loss for what came next. What now? How much should I ask of people? Why do I feel worse now that I'm done with my treatment? Why doesn't it feel like cancer is behind me? Why am I so scared all the time?

Enter MOCA. The team at MOCA offered me the guidance and support that I needed to figure out how you move from patient to survivor (and let's face it -- how to live with the constant fear that you'll be pushed back into the patient status at any moment). I've participated in so many MOCA programs. I learned from women through informal support groups, attended events in the Cities and met other survivors, learned about the latest research and insights. And of course, through the MOCA Dream Award, I was granted the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a writer's workshop. I'm writing EVERY SINGLE WEEK with a group I met there. MOCA has changed my life. This group is amazing. And they didn't stop during Covid. They pivoted and adjusted.

Please support their work. For many women, MOCA is not a supplement to others in their life, but the team there is the primary source of support and inspiration daily. Please, donate today to help me make a difference against ovarian cancer, and consider joining me to walk and run against this disease on Saturday, Sept. 18 at Rosland Park in Edina! 

Thank you for making a difference with me.

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