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We're the team at Animal Justice dedicated to transforming Canada in a kinder country all animals. Canada currently has the worst animal protection laws in the western world—but we've made it our mission to change that. We want animals' voices to be heard loud and clear, and their interests to be represented by our courts and legislatures.

Right now, our lawyers are fighting to stop a new threat to animals in Canada that will make a bad situation far worse. Dangerous ag gag laws are rapidly spreading across the country and make it illegal for whistleblowers to expose rampant cruelty to animals behind the closed doors of farms and slaughterhouses.

But Animal Justice believes these ag gag laws violate our Charter-protected right to free expression, and that’s why we’re preparing to fight them in court.

We're pledging to go voiceless for 24 hours on November 14 to support the animals and whistleblowers whose voices are silenced by ag gag laws.

Please support our mission to defeat dangerous animal cruelty cover-up laws from coast to coast!





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