ASK Walk Fundraising Tips and Tools

Thank you for your willingness to step up and help!  This event is an important fundraiser for ASK. Over the last seventeen years, it has raised $2.2 million to help kids with cancer here in our community.  We're happy to report that, with this support, we have been able to develop and provide some of the best support programs for kids with cancer in the entire country.  

The ASK 5K & Fun Walk is a pledge-based event and reaching our fundraising goal will depend on how successful our teams are in their effort to raise money. Set the bar high! 

By collecting donations, YOU make the real difference in the lives of children with cancer and their families in Central Virginia. How can you do that? Check out our Community Fundraising Toolkit and the resources below to help you reach your goal!

Fundraising Ideas

How To Raise $100 in 4 Days:

DAY 1   |   $10
Get the ball rolling with a $10 donation. Most donors like to see that you are supporting the cause yourself! 


DAY 2   |   $20
Ask 2 awesome family members to help and match your donation. 


DAY 3   |   $30
Email a link to your fundraising page to 3 coworkers or classmates!


DAY 4   |   $40
Post a link to your page and the event on Facebook/social media and confirm 4 friends to pledge their support.


Total contribution in just 4 days:

  • Host a virtual fundraising party or event. Online events such as Stella & Dot, Lula Roe, Thirty-One Things or auctions are great ways to practice social distancing while bringing friends together to fundraise.

  • Create a buddy system! Ask someone who can’t participate in the race to help you collect donations.

  • Add it to your email signatures. Example: "Please consider making a donation to the ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation" with a link to your fundraising page.

  • Ask your friends to contribute to your team instead of purchasing a gift for your birthday. 
  • Promote matching gifts! Use this link and share with your team to see what employers match: Matching Gifts Employer Search. Note, for matching gifts to be considered for awards and prize calculations, paperwork must be submitted by May 1st and you will need to contact Megan Angstadt at

  •  A "Pick a Number" is a large board (or whatever else you decide to use, could be digital!) with numbers 1-55 on it. The idea is that friends and family can "Pick a Number" and donate that amount. Once they pick a number, that number is taken off the board (or X'ed out). This board can be on social media to share out and X out numbers as people claim them in the comments - then follow up with them on how to donate that amount to your team page. And check this out - if all 55 numbers are taken, you'll raise $1,540! And no single person has to give more than $55.

Spread the Word!

Share these childhood cancer facts to raise awareness within our community and to let your followers know why their help is so important.

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