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For the past 8 years, the Salsthon fundraiser has chosen one worthy local charity whose mission closely aligns to the school's charism. Through the generosity over the previous eight Salsthon fundraisers, the school has donated over $1 million to local charaties that serve the needs of the larger Wilmington community. 

This year, each of the eight houses has partnered with one of the eight previous beneficiaries to continue to support their mission. This year, Tucker House is partnered with the St. Patrick's Center, serving Wilmington's east side. 

Some of you may be familiar with St. Pat's, through its annual St. Patrick's Day "hooli" they've hosted in previous years. What you may not know is that through the work of this vital outreach center, the resident's of Wilmington's east side gain access to food and other basic necessities. 

Join me, and the rest of the students and faculty in Tucker, to support fellow Wilmingtonians whose access to life's basic needs can largely be met through the excellent work of St. Patrick's Center. 





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