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Why Should You Donate to Milton Chorus?

Hi! My name is Sam Dilley and I am a senior this year at Milton High School. Due to Covid-19, we are not allowed to continue our general fundraising pathway, which involves going door-to-door and selling coupon cards. We now have to sell online, which in my opinion is a bit less personal than talking to someone about your passion and why they should support it.

Milton Chorus is an incredible program (one of the best in Georgia) where students are encouraged to further their vocal journey while gaining important values such as confidence and teamwork. Last year was my first year in chorus, and it really did change a lot in my life. Whenever I was stressed out or I felt unconfident about my abilities, I had chorus to turn to. The people are so supportive and the teacher, Mr. Bowers, is not only amazing at his job, but he really believes in each and every one of his students. Even when I felt like I was awful or I was never going to be able to be as good as the girls in my class, my chorus teacher believed in me and gave me opportunities to showcase my voice. The program has helped me so much with my singing abilities and with the tools given to me through the program I have been able to relearn how to sight read, focus on breath support, and focus on other vocal qualities such as tone and range.

There are amazing opportunities offered through Milton Chorus, including vocal shows, a capella groups, and our yearly showcase. Last year, I successfully auditioned into Cabaret, and I was so excited to perform before school was cancelled. I also just auditioned into a female a capella group, the Milton Misses, and I am ecstatic about getting more involved. Without funding, some of these events would not be possible, and some students at Milton may have issues with being able to pay. With funding, all students are guaranteed the same opportunities and can participate in all there is to offer.

Finally, I want to emphasize the importance of a community such as Milton Chorus. Mental health has been declining, and students constantly feel stressed, worried, exhausted, and alone, leading to mental disorders such as depression. I want to strongly emphasize the importance of community, especially during this time. Students really need a group of people who will love them and support them, and Milton Chorus not only provides this, but also provides the sense of being part of something greater than yourself. This program is accepting of ALL students, and for some of my friends, this program is everything to them. No matter gender, age, race, or vocal ability, everyone is welcome. 

Please consider donating to Milton Chorus!


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