First Place


Centennial Fund

Help us keep MJC on the cutting edge of innovation in curriculum, programming and direct student support.

Second Place


MJC UndocuAlly Scholarship Fund

Join a group of campus advocates as we identify and serve the needs of our most vulnerable students at MJC.

Third Place


MJC Celebration of the Humanities

Your donation to the Celebration of the Humanities Competition directly impacts students. Your gift supports their goals and rewards their distinguished practice of skills taught in our programs and continues the tradition into its forty-fourth year.

Fourth Place


Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) Scholarships

Join us in helping the most financially and academically disadvantaged students at MJC. Your gift will help remove the financial barriers they face as they work towards their educational goal.

Fifth Place


MJC Nursing Alumni Scholarship Fund

Has the need for training great nurses ever been greater? Help us reward our hardworking nursing students with scholarship support that will bring them to the finish line and onto the front line.


LGBTQ+ Scholarship Fund

LGBTQ+ youth need your support. Coming out means the possibility of losing family, friends, and financial security. Please support the first LBGTQ+ scholarship at MJC!


MJC Athletics Century Club

Please join the MJC Athletics CENTURY CLUB in support of our student athletes!


Foster Youth Grants & Support

MJC foster youth students need your support. Many face challenges including housing and food insecurity, which contributes to less than 10% of foster youth ever earning a college degree. Please give in support of academic and emergency resources for foster youth at MJC!


Latinx Comic Arts Festival

We appreciate your support of the Central Valley’s only Latinx Comic Arts Festival. Your gift ensures that this unique activity is free and open to all students, faculty, staff and community members.


Great Valley Museum - Rotating Exhibits

Now’s your chance to help bring exciting, rotating exhibits to the Great Valley Museum and continue providing outreach services for our youth!


Modesto Area Partners in Science (MAPS)

Modesto Area Partners in Science/MAPS Now more than ever…your support is needed to strengthen science literacy in our region. Please join us in growing Modesto Area Partners in Science (MAPS).


A Safe Place to Play

Join us in building a “Safe Place to Play” at MJC’s pioneering Me-Wuk Preschool/Child Development Lab on the West Campus.


MJC Resilience Fund

MJC students are a resilient group. Our MJC Pirates’ Food Pantry and MJC Pirates’ emergency micro-grants certainly help. Please join us in building this Resilience Fund for student success.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics/STEM Scholarships

Help launch the career of an MJC student scholar in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) with your generous gift today!


Native Plants: Great Valley Nature Lab

Help us grow! Your gift today will bring new plants and equipment to our state of the art native plant garden and greenhouse at MJC West Campus.


Visiting Authors Lecture Series

Please keep the proud tradition of MJC’s Visiting Author Series alive and well with your generous gift, large or small.


Latina Leadership Network Scholarship Fund

Please join the Latina Leadership Network as we assist worthy students with scholarships that ensure their persistence and success!


Geology/Anthropology Field Trip

Please support real, hands-on learning in the field for our geology, archaeology and anthropology students.