Jilly's run for MS research!

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis this February, and I've learned that MS is a REALLY mean disease. I’m having trouble seeing properly, my limbs feel like they’re 500lbs, and it takes 10x the energy it used to take me to do literally anything.

But I know I’ll be okay, and it’s because MS is not the disease it was 30 years ago (it’s not even the disease it was last year). The research has come so far and I have all of the faith in the world that I’ll live through a cure because doctors rule!!!!

For now, I’m lucky to have the world’s best family and friends, an incredible healthcare team, a supportive workplace, and treatment that helps my brain do what it’s supposed to. Not everyone living with MS is so lucky.

I’m taking some time off from work to focus on healing from my initial flare, and I can’t imagine a more meaningful way to spend it than by raising money for MS research while I start to train for the marathon this year. It will probably take me a solid 49579348 hours to finish the race because I don’t have the same body I used to, but I refuse to let this stupid annoying thing take away a part of my life that I love so much.

Help me be part of the reason why MS is not the same disease next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, until it becomes something our kids have never even heard of!!!!





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My Supporters

  • Martha O'Connor June 2023
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  • Allison and Jake Sobel Congrats on your marathon run Jilly!!! You are amazing!! November 2022 $100.00
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  • Anonymous November 2022 $1,000.00
  • Michael Gruber Gruber Family loves you ! June 2022 $1,000.00
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