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The Crewe-Kluge family including Mark Kluge and Elliott Crewe-Kluge

Why I Walk for Wellness House:

Wellness House provides complete cancer care - every step of the way. Whether you have cancer, or you are caring for a friend or family member who is diagnosed with cancer, all are welcome at Wellness House. More than 520 programs are provided each month, both online and in person, to improve physical and emotional well-being and give people with cancer a support network like no other. 

Because of the Walk, and the generous donations of individuals and businesses, everything at Wellness House is provided free of charge, providing one less thing to worry about when struggling with a cancer. That's why I have joined the Walk and why I ask you to join me in giving what you can to support people in the fight for their lives.

By the date of the walk, I will be SEVEN years free of breast cancer, SIX years free of uterine cancer and ONE year free of melanoma.  I never had believed it possible for me to have cancer before my diagnosis, much less three cancers.  Also, I never would have thought it possible to find the kind of support, education and programs offered through Wellness House.  I've made some wonderful friends in support groups and exercise classes and am grateful for all they offer.  

I hope you will join me in supporting Wellness House!





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My Supporters

  • Maribeth Nooner So happy for you Liz. Let’s keep the momentum going May 2023 $50.00
  • David & Jennifer Crewe Good Luck Elizabeth! Such a great cause. May 2023 $51.50
  • Kasey Madden Go get 'em, Elizabeth! May 2023 $50.00
  • M Nicole Belfiore May 2023
  • Deborah Schimmel May 2023 $50.00
  • Elizabeth Crewe February 2023 $2,474.70
  • Anonymous We love this organization and the hope, healing and strength it has given to so many especially our dear friend Elizabeth Crewe. Thank you! May 2023 $103.00
  • David & Jennifer Crewe Good Luck Elizabeth! Such a great cause. May 2023 $51.50
  • THERESA SOFIANOS WOHLGENANT Love you, Liz ❤️ April 2023 $51.50
  • Josephine Pogue April 2023 $51.50

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