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My rare disease is not so rare for the thousands of kids and young people affected...

For way too long, those of us with CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) have heard that we just have to “live with it.” The mental capacity it takes to focus on things that able-bodied people take for granted is emotionally and physically draining. CMT can pull our focus from what we could be doing as creative humans and shifts the focus on just trying to stay upright. This disease has affected the maternal side of my family for generations.

Thanks to the CMT Research Foundation’s work and the research they’re funding, there is finally hope for treatment or even a cure. I’ve joined the CMT Research Foundation as an ambassador because while CMT has taken my leg, hand dexterity, and many other medical issues, I believe the work of the CMTRF will provide treatment for the thousands of kids and young people so badly affected by this disease.

A treatment for me might mean getting strength and function back into my hands and fingers. But more importantly, it would mean no other boy or girl had to suffer in pain or worry about putting one foot in front of the other as they walked (or ran) on the playground.

The CMT Research Foundation relies entirely on public donations. More funding equals more research which equals a shorter time to available treatments and cures. Please consider donating what you can to help us get there as quickly as possible.






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  • Bill Deliman and Scott Minkow We are so proud of you Joe. You're a warrior and a model of generosity and grace. You inspire us - as our people say, you're truly a mensch. We love you!! 2 weeks ago $500.00
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  • Jean & Jim Riparbelli This donation is in honor of Joe Hogan. Last month
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  • peter deSilva Joe, Thanks for all you do to advance the cause of those suffering with CMT! With everyone's help, we will uncover treatments and cures, and soon! Last month $1,000.00
  • Larry Zucker Last month $530.00
  • JOSEPH A HOGAN September 2022 $530.00