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Why I fight for CMT

Hello, I'm Anna and I have Charcot Marie Tooth Type 1A. 

Having struggled with symptoms all my life, I was diagnosed with CMT1A at the age of 35.

My diagnosis was bittersweet; a huge relief (and a 'eureka' moment) receiving the answer as to why I have always felt physically different to my family and peers (this answer unlocked information, much needed vocabulary to describe by symptoms to others and enabled me to seek life changing medical support)... yet was also incredibly scary and distressing to find out that I have a degnerative condition and the pain I was experiencing was due to muscle atrophy. 

Commonly, CMT is an inherited condition. However, I am a 'de novo' case which means (due to a gene mutation) I am the only member of my family with the condition. It wasn't until I became an Ambassador for the CMT Research Foundation that I was able to connect, speak to and work with others with CMT. This has been an incredible experience and a huge support to me!

I could write a million reasons of why I fight for CMT but here are some of my choice few...

I fight for CMT to raise awareness to help others.

I fight for CMT to inspire those living with CMT to feel less daunted about the future

I fight for CMT to support research for treatments.

I fight for CMT to help find a cure.









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