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As many of you know, Charcot Marie Tooth impacts my family and I in many ways.  Several of my family members are affected by CMT and struggle to do everyday tasks due to the nature of CMT.  I wear AFOs and use a cane or mobiity scooter to help me with my mobility.  I started wearing AFOs in 2017 and have had 3 differnet types which all have their pros and cons.  I beagn using the cane more regualry this past year because even with the AFOs I was still losing my balance and tripping.  There is no cure or treatment for the disease itself.  We can only treat the symptons by bracing and/or surgery.  The Charcot Marie Tooth Research Foundation is hoping to change that.  They raise money purely for research to be done that can hopefully lead to a cure.  I am helping to raise money because I do not want my son to deal with the things I deal with on a daily basis.  I am not one to complain or share my struggles but they are there each and every day.  Without a cure or treatment these struggles willl only get worse as CMT is progressive.  I want better for my son!  I want better for my family members and for myself, I want to see an end to CMT.  With your help, that can happen!





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