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Hello I'm Shanae and I have charcot Marie tooth X1. This is an inherited neurological disorder, I was born with this rare nerve disease but I wasn't diagnosed untill I was 28 years old. I went through life knowing I was different from other kids but not knowing why I had to try so hard as a child. CMT causes so many different symptoms ranging from muscle weakness, lack of coordination, hammer toes, high arches, severe leg and foot cramps, (those are the worst in my opinion) I experience all of these symptoms and more. My first symptoms were severe leg cramps around age 5, they were so bad I couldn't walk when this happened.

I am raising $500 to support research and treatment for the month of September. September is CMT awareness month and this disease needs all the awareness It can get. Your donation will help further research and treatments for children and people like me living with CMT.





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  • Shanae Fernandez August 2022 $2.12
  • Shanae Fernandez August 2022 $2.12