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Charcot-Marie-Tooth is a progressive neurological disorder that causes a wide variety of symptoms primarily due to peripheral neuropathy and resulting muscular atrophy. 

Though CMT can result from spontaneous mutations, it is often inhereted. This is true for my family as well as many others. 

For me, this means having random burning sensations in my feet, feeling pins and needles in my toes, or occasionial numbness in my hands. It means frequent and severe cramps in my feet and calves. It means difficulty finding shoes that fit comfortably and don't hurt. It means experiencing pain from sensations that shouldn't be painful. 

Moreover, it means being acutely aware of the fact that symptoms and the severity thereof vary widely from person-to-person and from the onset of symptoms:

It means knowing that many other people with this same condition may require mobility assistance, hearing aids, orthopedic devices, or may have had innumerable surgeries. It means knowing that, while rare, someone out there has lost a loved one due to CMT complications. 

But most of all, it is knowing that we all deserve a future without these issues! 

Please help secure this future by donating today! 

With much gratitude, 

Miron :)





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  • Barbara McKee November 2023 $53.00
  • Anonymous November 2022 $53.00
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  • Anonymous Thank you for shining a light on CMT and I wish you strength with your and your family's symptoms. November 2022
  • Barbara McKee November 2022 $10.60
  • Barbara McKee November 2023 $53.00
  • Anonymous November 2022 $53.00
  • Kiara Hill November 2022 $21.20
  • Barbara McKee November 2022 $10.60